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Our Technology



Gore-Tex Windstopper® keeps you comfortable, whether the day is dry, gusty or rainy.

Fully windproof, it prevents you from getting chilled by perspiration when it’s breezy. It also lets sweat escape, to stabilise your temperature when you’re working hard. Finally, shrug off showers with its eco-friendly, PFC-free DWR layer.

Wear it to cycle with confidence in changeable weather.


Flusso 3D

Flusso 3D is our own open-structured fabric, engineered to keep you comfortable in sweltering conditions.

It efficiently dissipates heat and moisture, so that you will cool fast and water will evaporate in an instant. Your temperature will thus remain stable, even when the riding starts to get intense.

Feel fresh when the going gets tough in this light, quick drying fabric.



Gore-Tex was made to ensure you’ll never be trapped indoors by wild weather.

Face any conditions wearing this completely windproof, fully waterproof fabric that incredibly manages to be breathable at the same time, so that you won’t find you’ll end up damp on the inside while trying to stay dry.

Forget about the forecast, cycle in comfort all year round.

Goretex Topo Stretch

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Polartec Neoshell Alpha

Polartec® NeoShell® achieves the necessary level of waterproofing for most cycling adventures, without sacrificing breathability.

Strong and durable, it will keep you dry inside and out by repelling the majority of water, while still letting warm air and perspiration escape, thanks to optimally sized pores.

All the while, it remains light, soft and unrestrictive – perfect for foul weather riding.


Nanoflex Light

Nano Flex Light Woven is our own fabric which offers excellent water repellence without losing breathability.

Used at the back of some Perfetto jackets, it repels most rain, thanks to an outer coating of silicone fibre nanofilaments, yet its fleecy core is warm without feeling boil-in-the-bag.

Look for it when you want protection in a light, packable format.