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Teams and ambassadors

Being at the forefront of technical cycling apparel, we are big advocates of seeing our kit being used at all echelons of competitive cycling. That means supporting pro teams but also individual athletes and amateurs, to make them the fastest possible versions of themselves.


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Meg Mcdonald

Professional Middle Distance Triathlete and coach at MM Triathlon to help individuals, of all ages and abilities reach their triathlon goals.

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Josh Lewis

A qualified architect turned professional triathlete, YouTuber, entrepreneur, teacher and coach. An elite athlete most of his life, but also has a passion for helping others. He channels this by passing on his experience in creative, visual and practical ways.

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Joe Laverick

Joe Laverick is a self-admitted 'kinda' pro-cyclist. A privateer pro, he choses his own calendar and races on-road and off-road, recently jumping into the American gravel scene. A writer too, he's always happy to tell the behind-the-scenes story of what it's really like as a racer. Please, never ask him what size Flat White he would like.

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Andrew Feather

Andrew Feather is a hill climb specialist, having won the British National Hill Climb Championships x4, in 2023, 2022, 2020 and 2018. He is regularly seen riding up and down the hills of his hometown, Bath, and its surrounding area.


Adam Latchem

I am a cycling content creator from South Wales and I started cycling 11 years ago. I have completed numerous endurance challenges and bike-packing trips. I race gravel, road and I have just started getting into MTB.


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Reflex Racing

Reflex Racing is a multidiscipline cycle race team that provides aspiring talent with a platform to develop and progress in both the UK and France. With some of the most talented U23, senior and masters riders, Reflex Racing aims to develop the brightest talent of the future and have fun whilst doing it!"

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Saddleback Race Team

Saddleback Race Team is a multidisciplinary selection of the most competitive and dedicated cyclists on Saddleback's staff. They aim to ride hard, enjoy chasing results and look good doing it.