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Welcome to the UK home of Castelli Cycling.

Castelli Café, which originally launched back in 2011, was one of the first direct to consumer cycling websites in the UK. Its aim was to provide a source of education and services, while building a community that would best serve our passionate relationship with cycling.

Castelli Cycling, the market leader for performance and style, has been producing technical clothing for the professional peloton since 1876. Today, it continues to bring a fresh, innovative take on highly technical products.

Cafés form the backbone of the cycling community. They are safe spaces to meet, start rides, finish rides or even take a break mid-ride. Our aim is to bring this same sense of community to the digital and the virtual worlds, bringing people together through a shared interest and providing a space where they can find support, educational materials and of course have fun.

However, Castelli Café isn’t solely a digital project. We wanted to build relationships, interact with fellow cyclists and support the cycling community as a whole, encouraging them to get out on their bikes more, all with pleasure of a good coffee at the end.

We formed a partnership with the lovely Kate and Justin Hoy of Pronto Bikes, in Frome, Somerset, in 2023 to create our first physical café and bike shop. We are now looking to expand and create a chain of similar cycling hubs, with the assistance of hand selected partners with a similar vision to enrich the community and create engaging opportunities for cyclists across the UK.

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