Aero Race 7.0 Jersey


The Aero Race 7.0 Jersey is our fastest yet, and when paired with the Bolero SS Base Layer it becomes even quicker. It's also very breathable, so that you will stay dry and comfortable, however hard you ride.

Colour: Brilliant Orange
SKU: CS240050343
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  • Main Fabric - 93% Polyester 7% Elastane
  • Sleeves - 86% Polyester 14% Elastane
  • Bottom Torso - 80% Polyester 20% Elastane

We changed the look of the peloton back in 2006 with the first ever aero jersey for racing. Named ‘Split Second’ for the expected gains, it exceeded expectations to deliver substantial watt savings.

This latest iteration profits from the pro feedback and wind tunnel testing that refined the Body Paint 4.X Speed Suit, making use of the same CFD-based fabric placement, seam and airflow shoulder construction to achieve maximum aero efficiency at speeds of 30 to 55km/h.

Additional testing has shown that, when the Bolero SS Base Layer is worn under the jersey, an additional 6% in the CdA (the value of drag coefficient times the area of a moving object) is delivered.

It is made using breathable, eco-friendly bluesign® fabrics that keep you cool and can be worn with a clean conscience. Full elastic with a gripper keeps the hem from riding up and supports the pockets to prevent sagging.

Wear this highly technical jersey, refined over almost two decades of research and development, to shave the watts on the days when you're competing, to enjoy enduring comfort and a shot of speed when you really need it.

  • The 7th generation of our fastest, race fit jersey
  • Engineered for aero efficiency at speeds of 30 to 55km/h
  • Uses CFD-based fabric placement and seam construction
  • With airflow shoulder construction and comfortable, elbow-length stretch sleeves
  • Raw-cut sleeve endings and breathable fabric
  • Extra 6% savings to CdA delivered when paired with Bolero SS Base Layer
  • Full waist elastic with grippers anchors hem and supports pockets
  • Contains eco-friendly, bluesign® certified fabrics
  • Weighs just 98g (M)
  • Made for a temperature range of 18-35°C

Temperature: 18 / 35°C

The Expert's Guide

This is my go-to jersey for the majority of the summer months. I don’t like flapping fabrics, so this skin tight jersey removes any chance of that. It is an uncompromised race cut so won’t suit everyone, but if you don’t mind sacrificing comfort for speed then it’s perfect. - Wayne

About Wayne

Height: 5ft 9”
Chest: 40”
Waist: 30”
Jersey size: M
Bibshort size: L

Over the decades, Wayne has travelled the world to complete his bucket list of famous climbs. A lover of all cycling disciplines, he specialises in Time Trials and has even been National Champion