Alpha Doppio RoS Jacket


The Alpha Doppio RoS Jacket updates the Alpha RoS 2, already described as “at the cutting edge of what winter cycling jackets can achieve” by It boasts softer, warmer insulation and improved openings, for better weather protection than ever.

Colour: Light Black/Silver Reflex/Dark Grey
SKU: CS235050854
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  • Main Fabric - 100% Polyester
  • Bottom Torso - 70% Polyamide 30% Elastane
  • Cuffs Inner Neck Top Neck - 54% Polyamide 31% Polyester 15% Elastane
  • Lining - 100% Polyester

The foundation of the Alpha RoS is its ability to keep out the great majority of rain and all wind, while also offering comfort and breathability, thanks to its double-layer construction. Thus, you can open the outer weatherproof layer when you are powering uphill, to allow heat and moisture to escape, while retaining the warmth of the inner layer. Then, once you head downhill, or if the rain starts, you can shut that outer layer to keep off the wind and stay dry.

The Alpha Doppio RoS improves on this premise by using luxuriously snug Polatec® Alpha Direct for the inner layer, as well as tweaking the arrangement of the waist, neck and wrist.

The former has been updated to a stretchy layer with silicone bead that lies flat, without bunching up, and will hold the jacket in place as you adopt an aerodynamic ride position, while sealing out wind. The latter has been adapted with two layers, one that goes under the glove to prevent draughts, the other over it to deflect rain away. Finally, the neck is now higher, for warmth, and shaped to move with you, whatever position you choose to ride in.

As with the original, the Alpha Doppio RoS's outer layer is Gore-Tex InfiniumTM Windstopper®, which is known for being totally windproof and impressively water resistant, while still being breathable enough to stop the inside of your jacket from becoming wet when the rain falls and you zip up. This resistance is topped up by reduced seams and seam sealing over the vulnerable shoulder area.

All of these qualities combined make this an incredibly versatile jacket that is capable of being warm and protective in the worst conditions, while keeping you cool, dry and comfortable if the day warms up or the storm moves past. It's a winter all-rounder that should be a staple in any keen cyclist's wardrobe.

  • Earns its Rain or Shine tag by being well constructed for dry weather, protective in the wet
  • With Gore-Tex InfiniumTM Windstopper® 150 outer layer for wind protection, water repellence and breathability
  • Double layer construction, with distinct Polartec® Alpha Direct inner to regulate temperature
  • Seams are concealed from direct water flow, while shoulder seams are taped
  • YKK® Vislon® zipper offers smooth action and ease of ventilation with water resistance
  • Raw-cut waist with silicone grippers lies flat and deflects wind
  • Double layer cuffs integrate with gloves to seal out water and wind
  • Stretch fabrics and patterning deliver a close fit
  • With a ventilation panel at the back
  • 3 rear pockets and zippered, secure front pocket hold your belongings safely
  • Pockets feature reflective elements to aid visibility and laser-cut drain holes to evict rain
  • Temperature range of -5-10°C
  • Weighs 429g (M)