Cold Days Women's Long Sleeve 2nd Layer


The Cold Days Women's Long Sleeve 2nd Layer falls somewhere between a base layer and a traditional mid-layer, as it's incredibly breathable and good at moisture management, but also offers the insulation you require on a freezing cold day.

Colour: Black
SKU: CS225540101
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  • 100% Polyester

Designed to be worn with a warm base layer and a jacket, this stretchy, light garment features a high collar for added warmth and an asymmetrical half zip, which won't interfere with the zips of your other layers or create bulk over your lower torso. It is made to fit close to the body, so it can either be tucked into or left out of bib tights, whichever you find most comfortable.

Breathable but cosy, this is the light mid-layer you've been needing to crank up the heat on cold multi surface rides, while being slim and breathable enough to ensure you'll never feel constricted.

  • An excellent insulating mid-layer for use on sub-zero gravel rides
  • Uses Polartec° Alpha° 90 high-loft active insulation
  • Highly breathable, made from recycled PET
  • Asymmetric half zip, high collar, feminine cut
  • Weighs 90g (S)
  • For use at temperatures from -8-7°C, 18-45°F