PR 2 Women's Speed Suit


The stunningly patterned PR 2 Women's Speed Suit achieves the near-impossible by improving on the brand's formidable, Kona bike course record-holding PR Speed Suit by remodelling the shorts to match the Premio Black Women's Bibs.

Colour: Purple
SKU: CS86230830612
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  • Jersey - 75% Polyester 25% Elastane
  • Pant - 65% Polyamide 34% Elastane 1% Polyester
  • Bottom Back - 71% Polyamide 29% Elastane
  • Rear Pocket - 85% Polyester 15% Elastane
  • Lining Chamois - 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane
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Extensive CFD and wind tunnel testing was used to refine the latter, with the aim of saving watts in crosswind conditions and a side-benefit of increased comfort. The resulting aero shorts are virtually seamless, with stretchy, knee-length legs that stay put without the use of silicone grippers.

Shorts aside, this suit offers all the features that made the original so fast and helped it to achieve an impressive clutch of long-distance and 70.3 victories. For example, it's made with the same elbow-length sleeves and knee length legs, both with raw-cut ends, using a thin, smooth fabric on the upper body, in an effort to reduce drag. It also carries striking silicone speed ribs on the sleeves, for the same reason. The fabric furthermore ensures that sweat evaporates close to the skin, helping you to stay cool while running.

As well, it carries the opening at the front between the upper and lower portions originally used in the Sanremo suit. This allows heat to escape and makes it easy to vent the suit mid-run if necessary. It also promotes comfort when leaning forward on the bike, without restriction while in the upright position required to complete the other legs.

The whole suit is built around our quick drying KISS Tri seat pad, which skilfully walks the line of being thick enough to cushion the bike ride and thin enough not to obstruct the swim or run. It also includes two slim, side opening mesh pockets at the back, big enough to hold race nutrition.

All in all, the new suit is more comfortable, speedy and technical that its predecessor, while being lighter than ever.

  • Our fastest ever women's speed suit for half and long-distance triathlons
  • Optimised through CFD and wind testing to deliver aero benefits on the bike
  • Keeps you cool during the run
  • Based on the Premio Black Women's Bibs, the shorts are practically seamless
  • Sanremo opening maximises your comfort, in and out of ride position, while enabling comfort breaks
  • With light, smooth and aero 50-dernier upper body fabric
  • Sleeves include silicone ribs that reduce drag
  • Shorts are knee length and arms are elbow length
  • With a specialised low bulk, quick drying KISS Tri seat pad
  • Two rear pockets offer space for nutrition