Premio 18 Socks


Our Premio 18 Socks earn their stamp of quality with thoughtful construction, measures to safeguard your foot health, and incorporation of our best technologies to help you forget your feet and concentrate on the road.

Colour: White
SKU: CS2309300109
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  • All - 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane

Their 200-needle construction adds stretch to create a perfect fit, while multiple-structure knit is used to ensure optimal performance in every part of the sock. So, the mid-foot band is reinforced to stabilise your arch and the ball of the foot is cushioned, while each sock is shaped to optimally fit its corresponding foot.

Finally, these socks are made from Meryl® Skinlife, a clever fabric that neutralises the natural bacteria on your skin to minimise odour and help you to finish your ride feeling fresh and clean.

In other words, the mid-calf length Premio 18s are so soft, supportive and pleasant to wear that you'll never give them a second thought – until they're in the wash when you want to ride and you're forced to wear an inferior pair!

  • Multiple structure knit means best performance in each part of the sock
  • 200-needle construction adds stretch
  • Asymmetrical construction mirrors shape of foot
  • Supportive band at midfoot, with cushioning pad at ball
  • Constructed from Meryl® Skinlife yarns with antimicrobial silver ions